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Double Jaw Surgery

Did you know, if the upper and lower jaw bites do not match, chewing food can become difficult and cause many consequences for the face. But don't worry too much, with the outstanding development of dentistry, double-jaw surgery was invented to improve this condition. To learn more about this method, follow below.

What is double jaw surgery?

Two-jaw surgery, also known by the term "orthognathic surgery", is the process of adjusting the position and function of the upper and lower jaws. Double-jaw surgery involves cutting and adjusting the position of the chin bone, and can be applied to most jaw problems such as a protruding jaw, receding jaw, or asymmetry of the jaw bone that causes jaw loss deviation of the jaw.

Which cases require double-jaw surgery?

The face is crooked and disproportionate

Double-jaw surgery can cut and adjust the position of the chin bones to create balance and uniformity in the face. This procedure not only helps improve facial aesthetics but also enhances jaw function.

The development of the chin makes the face long or becomes a plowshare chin

The plow face, also known as the broken face, has the middle part missing inward, while the forehead and chin protrude straight forward. This structure makes the face lack symmetry and is not highly appreciated for its aesthetics. In this case, surgery can help adjust the size and shape of the chin, making the chin more harmonious.

The mouth protrudes completely or the chin turns back

Double jaw surgery can correct the position of the chin to minimize the protrusion or turning back of the mouth, creating a more natural and balanced mouth shape.

Gums show excessively when smiling

Overgrown gums can protrude over the front surface of the teeth and cause a gummy smile. If the upper lip muscles are too short, a gummy smile can be worse, causing less charm when smiling. In this case, double-jaw surgery can adjust the size and position of the chin to minimize the appearance of the gums when smiling, while improving facial proportion and symmetry.

Two-jaw surgery procedure

When having double-jaw surgery at reputable clinic, customers will have it carried out in a closed, professional process, including the following steps:

Step 1: Examination and X-ray
Customers will have a general examination of their oral health and X-rays to find out the exact cause, the degree of jaw misalignment as well as the specific location of the nerves.

Step 2: Plan specific jaw correction
After having a specific image, the doctor will determine the cause and create a detailed two-jaw surgery plan with clear procedures, proportions that need to be adjusted, cutting lines, cutting locations...

Step 3: General health check
To ensure the surgical process takes place safely, minimizing possible complications. Customers will have a general health check, blood and urine tests, blood pressure measurements, electrocardiography, etc.

Step 4: Oral hygiene
You will have oral hygiene before surgery, remove tartar, bacteria, and treat dental diseases to avoid infection in the blood during surgery.

Step 5: Perform surgery
Customers will be taken into a sterile, modern, closed operating room with all the necessary equipment and machinery, helping the surgery to take place in the most convenient and successful way.

Step 6: Post-operative care
You will be transferred to the care and monitoring room after surgery. Before leaving the hospital, customers will be carefully and meticulously re-examined by doctors to ensure there are no unusual signs. You are reminded and noted care issues to help your wound heal quickly and have follow-up appointments on time.

Hopefully the above article has helped you better understand double-jaw surgery. This is quite complicated surgery because it requires cutting and moving bones. Therefore, choose a reputable facility with a fully qualified and skilled doctor to avoid unwanted consequences.

The techniques in double jaw surgery are being applied today
The techniques in double jaw surgery are being applied today

Double jaw surgery helps you get a sharp jawline, and at the same time solves the problem of malocclusion. This is a comprehensive surgery that corrects both the upper and lower jaw to regain the desired jaw shape. The following article learns the techniques in two-jaw surgery that are commonly used today.

How much does double jaw surgery cost? Where is the most prestigious clinic ?
How much does double jaw surgery cost? Where is the most prestigious clinic ?

Double jaw surgery is difficult and complicated, requiring a team of highly qualified doctors and modern equipment. Therefore, the cost of these surgeries will also be relatively high. The following article will share with you how much double jaw surgery cost at the reliable clinics.

Post-surgery care for 2 jaws for  quick recovery
Post-surgery care for 2 jaws for quick recovery

Double jaw surgery is surgery to cut the upper and lower jaw bones to reposition the jaw. This method helps bring a harmonious and beautiful face. After surgery, how to care is also an important factor affecting the safety and effectiveness of aesthetics surgery. The East Rose Dental will share with you the following effective postoperative care regimens.

Is double jaw surgery effective? Are there any symptom from this method?
Is double jaw surgery effective? Are there any symptom from this method?

Double jaw surgery is the optimal method to help you get a sharper, more delicate jawline, as well as correct the defects of the jawbone such as underbite and overbite. Is this method dangerous? How is the process done? Detailed information will be sent to you by the East Rose Dental Clinic shortly.