166 Dong Van Cong St, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam (Next to The Vista VERDE Appartment)
Our dentists working to your smile

Greetings from The East Rose Dental Clinic

The East Rose Dental was formerly known as Rose Dental Clinic - specializes in dental implants and Porcelai Teeth.

We believe in our patients having a Beautiful smile and Natural teeth for life.

At the heart of The East Rose Dental Concepts philosophy is a commitment to excellence in dental care and in service. We continue to provide beautiful and natural smiles in a caring and comfortable environment for all of our patients without exception.

Rose concepts have been providing a full range of cosmetic and general dental service from a highly qualified and dedicated team.

Even though we maintain an informal atmosphere to promote relaxation and trust, this is a professional practice. Our service cannot easily be judged as to the quality by our patients, they must put their complete trust in the honesty and integrity of our team.

Our team is committed to keeping up to date with new technology and techniques. We pursue continuing education with leading international dental associations, attend global conferences on dental care breakthroughs, and are fully trained to use the cutting edge technology utilized throughout our clinics.

The East Rose Dental applies CAD / CAM technology, which helps to make porcelain teeth with high precision and aesthetics.

Furthermore, we also have a certificate and warranty carefully when restoring porcelain and implant as well.

The East Rose Dental always knows and shares with you always strives to be the place to receive the trust of people for dental care, giving you the healthiest teeth is our mission.

Letter from Dr. Thuy to Our Valued Customers

When I was a child, I often had a toothache, my mother used to give me antibiotics and took me to an old dentist near my house to pull out the teeth. Those are painful and horrible experiences that haunted my childhood. Those days the technology was not yet developed, all treatments had to be treated with no anesthesia. Thus, I wished that I would have a beautiful smile and a happy life when I grow up and I wanted to bring the same wish to everyone. Therefore, I decided to become a dentist.

Becoming a dentist was not easy for me because I had to study hard to overcome millions of other students to win a ticket to the most prestigious University in Vietnam: Ho Chi Minh City University of Medicine.

The dream kept growing with me over the years, now my profession is my passion and my life. Every day is an adventure and the opportunity to help others is a gift to me. The chance to heal, eliminate someone’s pain, and help someone to love their smile and themselves is the most rewarding experience I can think of. I have other dreams:

I love my country, Vietnam, the beautiful country in the S-shaped. A country suffered too much pain and loss due to war. It had gone through thousands of battles over thousands of years, thousands of years suffered from the invasion of Chinese aggressors and hundreds of years under the invasion of the Western empire. Now, to live in peace, I wish to bring benefits and foreign currency to my country.

I dream that, the medical services and health practitioners in Vietnam will be recognized by many people around the world with one of the best qualities, services, and safety and effective techniques.

I dream that my colleagues and I would have the opportunity to make people feel better about themselves and their beautiful smiles, confidence, happiness and success to the patients and customers.

I wish to create more jobs, reduce poverty, and bring a prosperous and happy life to my employees and people around me.

These dreams are also the mission and the guideline to establish and develop of East Rose Dental Clinic and the entire East Rose Dental team members.

Therefore, I am looking forward to receiving the strong support of all the customers near and far all over the world to turn these dreams into reality. From my sincere heart, I always respect, acknowledge, and turn deep gratitude to all your support.

Thank you.

Dr. Thuy – The East Rose Dental Clinic

Certificate in dentistry

Our Advantages

  • Specialists and Dentists as One Team
  • Initial Dental Assessment
  • All Types of Dental Services
  • Safety by Credentials
  • Dental Implant Experience
  • Innovation
  • 3D Imaging Center
  • On-site Laboratory
  • “Same Day” Dentistry
  • “Same Day” Dental Implants
  • Innovative Clinic Design
  • Complimentary Consultations
  • Insurance and Financing
  • Services Cost
Motivation is easy

Our Core Values

Our Office

Our dental office in is a state of the art dental facility equipped with the newest technology, capable of handling all of your dental needs. All of our operatories are equipped with intraoral cameras that are able to show us, and you, the precise treatment you might attain on a television screen.


  • TV’s in each treatment room
  • Complimentary coffee, Juice
  • Wireless Internet
  • Warm lavender towels