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Crown lengthening Surgery

Sometimes, a smile that shows short tooth crowns can take away the confidence and harmony of your face. Don't worry too much; with the continuous development of modern dentistry, crown lengthening surgery has been born as a saviour to help your smile become more perfect. So how to lengthen tooth crowns and in what cases, please follow the following article immediately.

What is crown-lengthening surgery?

Crown lengthening surgery is a simple dental procedure and usually does not take much time. In this procedure, the doctor performs surgery by removing a portion of the gum tissue or bone surrounding the tooth. This procedure helps expose more of the tooth's crown, creating a balanced ratio between teeth and gums. Not only does it make the smile more beautiful, but it is also an important prerequisite for subsequent dental techniques.

Cases where tooth crown lengthening surgery is indicated

  • Cavities under the gums or shortened teeth due to the effects of excessive tooth decay.
  • Short clinical crown due to genetics
  • Tooth wear due to bad living habits
  • Teeth that are too short or gums that are too long are common causes of a gummy smile. Crown lengthening surgery is a solution to balance the ratio between teeth and gums, making the smile more confident and charming.
  • Crown lengthening surgery is necessary when you need a crown or bridge but the natural tooth is not tall enough to support it. The doctor may have to operate to make the crown longer, helping the tooth better support the crown or bridge.

How long does it take to perform crown lengthening?

Crown lengthening is a simple technique and does not take much time. The doctor only needs to remove a portion of bone or gum tissue to adjust the ratio between teeth and gums, creating a harmonious balance.

The duration of the surgery depends on the specific condition of each person's teeth. If your teeth are healthy and there are no problems, it usually only takes about an hour. However, if there are problems, such as cavities or cracks, your doctor may need to treat them before performing crown lengthening surgery.

When undergoing tooth crown lengthening surgery,

Although it is a simple technique, deciding to lengthen the crown of your teeth requires you to go to reputable dental centres for an examination and consultation. The doctor will review your medical history, take steps such as X-rays, and create an illustrative smile design for you to review first and then proceed.

Before starting surgery, you will have your teeth cleaned and your teeth scaled. After being injected with anaesthetic, the doctor will remove a part of the gum tissue or bone around the tooth root. When the tooth crown is long enough, the surgical area will be sutured to complete the minor surgery.

Crown lengthening surgery at the East Rose Dental Clinic

Proud to be a reputable clinic in the dental and maxillofacial industry, crown lengthening surgery services are always trusted at The East Rose Dental Clinic because of their long-standing skills and modern equipment. With the mission of bringing bright white and healthy smiles, dentistry constantly applies advanced technology and standard procedures.

  • Start with a thorough examination and medical history check, accompanied by dental X-rays, to evaluate the jaw bone structure and come up with an appropriate treatment plan.
  • Carry out dental scaling and oral hygiene, and treat other diseases such as tooth decay before surgery to ensure it does not affect the treatment results.
  • Clients are given local anaesthesia to reduce pain and make the surgery more comfortable.
  • The doctor performs gingivectomy through an external or reverse incision, depending on each case and the doctor's specific advice.
  • After surgery, the doctor will prescribe medication and instructions on how to care for your mouth at home to ensure good results.
Cases that need to lengthen the crown
Cases that need to lengthen the crown

Crown Lengthening Surgery, which is surgery to remove a portion of gum tissue or bone. Or there is a case in which both must be handled. This technique helps to expose the crown