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Hollywood smile

Hollywood superstars not only have good looks and acting talent but also have impressive smiles that captivate the audience's hearts. Therefore, dental technology to create a Hollywood smile is also of interest to many customers to have a perfect smile line, attracting others. Surely readers are still quite confused about this new tooth shape; let's find out with The East Rose Dental Clinic right here! 

The definition of a Hollywood smile

Hollywood Smile is a cosmetic procedure with the aim of creating a gorgeous and attractive smile like Hollywood stars. This procedure is a comprehensive cosmetic dentistry procedure that includes tooth reconstruction using methods such as crowns, porcelain veneers, and implants. This is the way to perfectly transform the appearance of your smile, creating confidence and the undeniable appeal of a beautiful smile.
When you have a Hollywood smile, you will feel extremely confident and radiant, which will enhance your personal image. High confidence can impact every aspect of life more smoothly. Furthermore, with healthy, naturally bright teeth, you will not need to worry about dental diseases.

Features of the Hollywood Smile

The Hollywood smile is characterised by the following features:

  • Bright white teeth: Teeth are often whitened in the most natural way without being fake, creating a shiny and fresh look.
  • Regular and symmetrical: The teeth are aligned and adjusted to create regularity and symmetry according to the golden ratio in the smile, without discrepancies or misaligned teeth.
  • Wide smile: Hollywood smiles are usually wide and complete, showing all the front teeth naturally and harmoniously.
  • Tooth space: The space between teeth is precisely controlled to create balance without being cramped or too wide.
  • Shape and size suitable for the face: Teeth are designed to fit the wearer's face and create an overall balance for the appearance. 

Which dental technology helps you have a Hollywood smile?

To own a Hollywood smile, there are some particularly important and popular dental technologies used:

  • Ultra-thin porcelain dental veneers: This is a technique where physical or chemical adhesion is used to attach a layer of ceramic material that has the same shape and colour as natural teeth. The advantage of this porcelain veneer is that it has little impact on real teeth, is biocompatible, and does not harm the gums. A typical example of this method is the porcelain veneer surface, which is thin and perfectly realistic.
  • Porcelain Crown: All-ceramic crowns are made entirely of monolithic porcelain, without any metal, so the aesthetics of the teeth are extremely high. There are many types of all-ceramic teeth on the market that you can refer to: zirconia, lava, and Cercon HT. All of these ceramic types have good translucency and natural color. When using the all-ceramic teeth whitening method, you will soon have the most standard Hollywood teeth, from shape to tooth whiteness.
  • Implant: This is a dental procedure to replace missing teeth by implanting a "false tooth" that is firmly attached to the jawbone. Implants help recreate a full and natural smile.
  • Teeth whitening: Teeth whitening is one of the simplest and most popular methods to improve the shine and whiteness of teeth. Using the LED or laser light of the whitening lamp combined with a bleaching agent not only helps make teeth whiter and brighter, which is safe for customers, but also helps the tooth pulp to be less irritated and sensitive.
  • Orthodontic techniques: In some cases, adjusting the position of the teeth using orthodontic aligners or dental braces can also be used to achieve a Hollywood smile. Besides Braces are quite popular. Currently, the method of braces without braces with Invisalign transparent trays is also very popular. This is the perfect choice for those who need orthodontics but do not want to wear braces that lose aesthetics.

Currently, all dental technologies that contribute to creating a Hollywood Smile standard smile are available at The East Rose Dental Clinic. With many years of experience and perspective on oral and maxillofacial aesthetics, experts will measure and review your oral condition to determine the most standard dental treatment method. Contact us now for a free consultation and immediately own your dream Hollywood smile.

Smile and Shine Like A Hollywood Star - Cosmetic Porcelain “Hollywood Smile” Service
Smile and Shine Like A Hollywood Star - Cosmetic Porcelain “Hollywood Smile” Service

With advanced technology, cosmetic porcelain dental services (Hollywood Smile) provided by The East Rose Dental will give you a real Hollywood Smile.

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Perfect Hollywood Smile with experts
Perfect Hollywood Smile with experts

A perfect Hollywood star smile without the intervention of dental professionals is a rarity in reality. The East Rose Dental Clinic would like to summarize the standard criteria of a perfect smile that we can all improve thanks to the intervention of today's modern dental techniques.

How to get a nice smile – A Hollywood smile for Edentulous
How to get a nice smile – A Hollywood smile for Edentulous

ALL ON 4 or All On 6 is the optimal solution, the simplest, the least expensive and the fastest way to help you recover all the missing teeth.