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Two-jaw surgery involves the correction of the upper and lower jaw to treat abnormal forms or aberrations of the face and jaw area, such as jaw deviation, chin protruding, mouth protruding, chin deviation, long chin and disproportionate face.

Two-jaw surgery is a cosmetic surgery method to correct the jaw, this surgery is safe to help patients not only recover their chewing function but also have an ideal beautiful face.

What is two-jaw surgery?

The two-jaw surgery methods of The East Rose Dental correct many different types of facial aberrations caused by the abnormal position and shape of the bipolar bone by correcting the position and shape of the jawbone to improve all functional and aesthetic matters.

Two-jaw surgery is recommended by doctors for cases where conventional orthodontic treatment is not effective, such as:

  • People who have difficulty chewing, biting or swallowing food.
  • People with facial injuries or birth defects
  • People with temporal joint pain and headache due to chronic temporal joint disorder.
  • People who have open bite even when their mouth is closed.
  • People with protruding or recessed chins.
  • People who have 2 jaw protruding with an open bite, even when their mouth is closed
  • People with long faces.

Two-jaw surgery, which can be done in conjunction with braces, can be performed before, during, or immediately after the braces are completed.

Two-jaw surgery before braces

Patients can have two jaw surgery before, during or immediately after braces, they will receive orthodontic treatment after surgery, helping to shorten the overall treatment time. This is a method of facial jaw adjustment through surgery with the jaw protruding, underbite and open bite instead of ineffective methods such as simple manipulation and orthodontic to overcome the problem of the wrong bite as before.

Two-jaw surgery previously needed braces more than a year before surgery, but now at The East Rose Dental we can perform two-jaw surgery before braces.

Some advantages of two-jaw surgery before braces such as:

  • The overall treatment time is greatly shortened;
  • Can have surgery at the desired time;
  • Visible improvement effects immediately after surgery;
  • Prevent degeneration of jaws protruding.

Jaw surgery without Intermaxillary fixation

Intermaxillary fixation is a method of tying the upper and lower teeth together using the arch bar to maintain the exact position of the upper and lower jaw after jaw surgery.

In general, the fixation process usually takes about 2-6 weeks. Incontinence is a method that does not fix these two jaws after surgery.

Advantages of double-jaw surgery without intermaxillary fixation:

  • The patient can breathe easily and safely after surgery;
  • Patients can eat and drink immediately after surgery;
  • The patient can talk right after surgery;
  • Patients can take care of their teeth immediately after surgery;
  • The patient can soon return to daily life after surgery;
  • Method of anesthesia: general anesthesia helps the patient feel completely painless during surgery

How much does 2-jaw surgery cost?

Many people keep looking for a place with the cheapest price for surgery in particular or the cheapest cost of dental treatment in general. The cheaper the price is, the better it is to save money and forget one thing: To have a successful safety two- jaws surgery requires a team of good estheticians, safety techniques, modern machinery systems, a closed aesthetic process and quality.

Just looking for cheap costs but not seriously about the doctor's qualifications, the prestige of the clinic, and the quality of treatment ... this is not true and in the cosmetic and dental industry, it is necessary to limit the idea of choosing. Choose a cheap cosmetic or dental site.

At The East Rose Dental, the price for two-jaw surgery is from 80 million dong or more.

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