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A long chin makes the face look much older than its age. Not only that, an overdeveloped, unbalanced chin is also the cause of the deviation of the jawbone structure, if not early intervention will adversely affect health. That's why many people have chosen to go to cosmetic surgery, completely remove defects, bring harmony and balance to the face. Which methods in long chin surgery are safe and highly effective today?

Chin injection method

Chin injection is a method of using autologous fat or filler to inject under the skin. This method does not touch the bones at all, but it can still make the chin fuller and look less long. Therefore, people with a slightly long chin and do not want to interfere directly with the bone can choose this method to quickly cover the defect of a long chin.


Long chin surgery to increase facial aesthetics

If using autologous fat, the specialists will remove fat from the patient's thighs or abdomen. Next, the SVF will be separated by a centrifuge and implanted directly into the two sides of the chin to create a fullness and roundness for the chin.

In case of choosing to inject filler under the skin, experts will numb the pain before injecting. Then, the semi-permanent filler, Artecoll, will be injected with a micro-needle directly into the chin.

Chin implant method

Another method of long chin surgery that does not touch the bone anymore is chin implant. When it's done, however, doctors need to diagnose whether your chin is continuing to grow. If it has stopped growing, does not lengthen or is not too skewed, does not affect your health, this method will be implemented.


Chin implant is safe, does not interfere with bones

With this method, doctors will graft silicone, gore-tex pieces to the chin to create the most ideal chin. Chin augmentation has the effect of increasing the length or filling of the chin, so it will be performed when the chin is not protruding.

The biggest advantage of the chin movement technique is that it does not interfere with the bones, making the patient feel lighter. In addition, surgery and recovery time is also much faster. When performing chin implants, the doctors will cut from the inside of the mouth, adjust to have the best chin shape, so there will be no scars, affecting facial aesthetics.

Long chin surgery with bone cutting technique

Although this surgical method can interfere with the bone, it is highly effective and permanent. For those with a strongly developed chin, protruding forward and especially asymmetrical, heavily deviated, diagnosed by doctors with serious health effects will be especially suitable for this method.


Bone reduction surgery to make the chin beautiful forever

Surgical process

Before performing surgery, customers will be examined by doctors, taking X-rays to understand the features and structure of the entire face, determining the length of the chin. From there, we will advise, analyze and plan specifically about all the work that needs to be done in the surgery such as the location of the bone cut, the time to perform the surgery, the cost, the recovery process, ...

When the customer agrees with this surgical method, the doctors will simulate the results in advance for the customer to see to best visualize their face after surgery. Customers rely on it to make the final decision on the rate of cutting, bone removal, ...

The doctor will numb the patient before performing the surgery. Next, a small incision is made in the oral cavity, dissection to the position where the bone needs to be cut, and using an ultrasonic cutter to conduct bone reduction according to predetermined positions. Finally, the wound will be sutured with medical absorbable sutures.

Notes when performing surgery

After the surgery, the client needs to rest to recover and take care of and follow a reasonable diet and lifestyle for the wound to heal quickly. Because of the bone intervention, customers need to pay attention to choose a reputable orthopedic surgery clinic to avoid consequences later.


Should choose a reputable place to perform long chin surgery






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