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Plastic surgery is no longer strange to everyone, in particular, dental aesthetics is increasingly focused. This cosmetic form not only helps to make the smile more beautiful and radiant, but also eliminates many dental diseases. So, let's refer to the methods of cosmetic gum surgery that are being used a lot and bring the best results today.
When is cosmetic gum surgery needed?
Gum surgery is a form of non-invasive surgery to the tooth structure to increase the aesthetics of the entire face. Cases that should be surgical intervention may include:
Gum disease
Receding gums is a disease that causes the gums to shrink, exposing part of the tooth root that is not covered by enamel. This not only causes cosmetic loss because the root of the tooth is exposed to more yellow than the crown, but also makes the teeth more sensitive, the risk of tooth decay increases.

In this case, dental professionals will have a method of gum grafting for customers. It is possible that the gum tissue will be moved from one location to another in the roof of the mouth, it is also possible to take tissue donated by someone else, processed in a laboratory to implant the receding gums.
Smiling gummy (gum open)
A gummy smile occurs when the gum tissue covers the crown of the tooth, causing the tooth to become shorter. This case may be due to gum tissue disorders, because long-term antibiotic treatment can also be a consequence after orthodontic treatment. To completely solve this situation, the dentist will perform surgery to remove gum tissue that exposes more of the tooth surface.

Uneven gum line
In some cases, the gum tissue covers the teeth unevenly, making the crowns uneven and unsightly. The doctors will advise you to choose the right gum plastic surgery method to help shape the most optimal gum tissue.
Should we do gum plastic surgery?
Many people still wonder whether they should have plastic gum surgery or not? The answer is that this method is very safe and brings high aesthetic effect, so you can rest assured. Gum surgery is a simple surgery that requires only local anesthesia and is performed right in the dental office. Therefore, you will quickly own the perfect smile, communicate confidently, and build better relationships.
Besides, people with gum disease, periodontitis will completely stop the pain, bleeding gums, bad breath,... After the surgery, it will take you about 5-7 days of abstinence. , eat soft, small food to avoid affecting the wound. In the following days, you can live and communicate normally without any obstacles.

Gum plastic surgery methods
With the desire to improve the appearance and completely overcome the disadvantages on the face, many people have chosen a reputable dental facility, possessing modern machinery and a team of professional and experienced doctors to perform the procedure. Anatomy. Some of the methods currently being applied in the dental office are:
Manual gingival cutting with a knife
With manual gingivectomy, the surgeon will use a dental scalpel to cut away the inflamed gum. To have a quick wound healing, a beautiful stitch depends a lot on the experience, expertise and ingenuity of the doctor. If performed by a skilled and good doctor, you will limit post-operative pain and vice versa.
Electric gum cutting
A method that has also existed for a long time in cosmetic dentistry is to use electromagnetic waves, high-frequency electric spark lines to remove excess gums, enlarged gums, inflamed gums,... , this method is not widely used because it can only be performed in the area that is not in contact with the jawbone, the area without blood. In fact, experts and customers performing surgery all believe that cutting the water with electricity reduces pain and reduces bleeding effectively for customers.

Laser gum cutting
In addition, an extremely safe cosmetic gum surgery method for health and aesthetics is laser cutting. Specialist doctors will use modern machines, capable of radiating radiation and high heat, releasing amplified light beams to burn off infected gum tissue cells.
Laser gum cutting method is similar to electric gum cutting method but does not cause adverse health effects. Even, many customers after the treatment have absolutely no bleeding, no swelling, and recover quickly.
Combination method
The combination of two surgical methods using a scalpel and burning gum tissue with a laser will bring the best and safest results for customers. Using a small surgical knife aims to completely remove the infected gum tissue but cannot destroy all pathogens. After using the scalpel, the laser burning method will help remove the gum tissue that is at risk of infection quickly and shape the most aesthetic tooth border.
Thus, through the information on the article, you have gained the most objective view of the methods of plastic gum surgery. Now, choose a reputable, high-quality dental facility to perform the examination and consultation.



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