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The cosmetology industry is growing rapidly, giving customers many beauty opportunities. However, choosing a safe and reliable beauty clinic is not an easy decision. Especially, correcting the chin is a beauty trend that is attracting a lot of attention. The following article would like to share information about the East Rose Dental Clinic where the best chin correction in Ho Chi Minh City.

1. Licensed Quality Dentistry

After surgery to correct the deviation of the chin, everyone wants to have a balanced and impressive face. To do that depends on many factors including a reliable address, prestige and quality that will create trust for customers when using dental services.

The East Rose Dental Clinic is a prestigious place for chin surgery services

Moreover, the East Rose Dental Clinic is ranked 51st globally and 2nd in Vietnam with a GCR score: 4.16 / 5.0.2. Along with that, the dentist has a strict infection control and inspection process according to European FDA standards (USA).

2. Highly qualified medical team

More than 90% of the quality of cosmetic cases will depend on the expertise and skill of the doctor. The East Rose Dental is known for its highly qualified medical team, seniority and professional experience from 17-25 years in the field of cosmetology and beauty care.

Highly qualified medical team

The doctor team has been trained in professional skills by leading universities in the country and in the world such as (Harvard University), Germany, Australia, Japan,.... With that is a considerate, thoughtful, meticulous service attitude, enthusiastic customer care to bring satisfaction to customers coming here.

Here, each person has their own professional expertise and performs surgery according to certain principles. With the above advantages, you can rest assured to choose a dentist for orthopedic chin surgery and other services.

3. Safe and high quality aesthetic technology

The East Rose Dental Clinic always makes a difference and impresses customers by always anticipating modern aesthetic methods. Not to mention the team of doctors who regularly research and apply modern science and technology with exclusive technologies that make a difference in the treatment process. Safe, high quality and aesthetically pleasing.

Technology applied to modern services

4. Diversification of services

The East Rose Dental Clinic is a prestigious plastic surgery clinic and is chosen by many people who need many beauty solutions and diversify types of services. The center is currently an operating base with many prestigious services from beauty, plastic surgery, maxillofacial, skin care and treatment, ... to meet all the needs of customers.

Corrective chin surgery at The East Rose Dental Clinic

With a type of dental service, there is a separate team with expertise in that field. Especially in the field of corrective chin surgery, many customers trust and choose.

5. Our customers satisfaction and high recommendation

Referring to plastic surgery, especially the best chin correction surgery in Ho Chi Minh City, people will immediately mention the name the East Rose Dental clinic. Because here there have been many surgeries to correct chin deviation and other surgical services are very safe and quality.

The East Rose Dental Clinic is interested and appreciated by a large number of domestic and foreign customers thanks to its top aesthetic quality. Along with a team of dedicated and enthusiastic doctors to support all customers' needs.


The East Rose Dental Clinic

With the motto of Ethics - Humanity - Civilization - Progress, The East Rose Dental Clinic always puts honesty and wholeheartedness into the health and beauty of customers. At the same time, with reasonable costs, customers can rest assured to choose to use the services here.

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