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Join hand with the community, spread love with the charity fund “love bag help children go to school”

Today, The East Rose Dental Clinic had the opportunity to make a positive impact on another child's life in a challenging situation.
A Ti was born on August 18, 2013, male, Gia Rai ethnic group, living in Plei Bur Village, Ia Chim, Kon Tum province. He is a grade 5-student at Phung Khac Khoan Primary School.

  • His family situation is challenging, but the three brothers are currently living in the same house with their loving grandparents.
  • Their income is sufficient, his father chooses to work outside and earns about 2 million VND each month.
  • He has been managing Nephrotic Syndrome for 2 years and has sought treatment in various places. Despite his illness, he displays great diligence and a strong desire to continue attending school.
  • His dream is to become a doctor and make a positive impact by curing diseases for himself and others in similar situations.
  • His family is supportive of his desire to pursue education for an extended period and wishes for him to recover swiftly from his illness.

The East Rose Dental Clinic is excited to sponsor a long-term scholarship for him! 1st scholarship: 6,000,000 VND (2 semesters 2023-2024), along with thoughtful gifts to support and motivate him, enabling him to overcome his illness and pursue his dream of becoming a skilled individual dedicated to making a positive impact on society.

The "BAG OF LOVE" programme will be implemented consistently until the latest announcement. For just 50,000 VND per bag, you have the opportunity to make a positive impact on the lives of children. The East Rose Dental Clinic is dedicated to making a positive impact on the lives of many children facing challenging circumstances, as they are the future of our country. We are confident that our customers, as well as the sponsors, will come together to support and spread the message of "the good leaves protect tattered ones" for a promising future filled with love and happiness.

Below is the contact phone number to conveniently purchase bags directly and obtain valuable information about the Fund programme:

  • Minh Huong (+84) 839 258 778
  • Nguyet Hang: (+84) 931 857 885

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