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A misaligned chin will greatly affect facial aesthetics as well as your life and health status. An unbeautiful face makes you self-deprecating and lose many opportunities in life. The method of orthopedic chin deviation was born to help you completely treat this condition so that the face looks more balanced. Let's take a look at this method.

Recognizing the status of a deviated chin

You can very easily identify the chin deviation through the imbalance between the face. There are many different types of chin deviation such as big side, small side, low side, high side... But no matter what shape the chin is, this situation will also make the face less charming and unattractive.


The main cause of a misaligned chin

The main cause of chin deviation can be inherited from family members, from birth. Facial bone structure in these people has not improved over time.

In addition, it is possible that the jaw bone develops incorrectly during puberty or the eating habits that cause the jaw bone to develop abnormally and deviate from the standard structure, causing the appearance to change. Another cause is trauma or collision when the accident causes the chin to deviate, the facial bone structure is deformed.

How much does chin correction cost?

Depending on the patient's condition, the doctor will examine and offer surgical options such as chin reduction to correct the deviation, chin surgery, chin implant ... So, want to know how much chin correction? You must come to the place for advice and support.

Usually, based on the condition of each person's chin deviation, the doctor bases it on to offer a suitable solution. The cost of the surgery will range from 40 million to 90 million dong. To know the exact price, you have to go to the place for the doctor to examine and give specific advice.


Visiting a doctor for specific advice

Non-invasive chin correction methods.

Invasive chin correction method is highly effective in facial reshaping. However, if you are not careful, you will encounter symptoms that directly affect health, nerve damage that causes the muscles in the face to stiffen, etc. In cases where the chin is slightly deviated, there is not much contact with the bone structure inside the body, you can refer to some non-invasive orthopedic methods.


The non-invasive method of orthopedic chin deviation helps to make the face more balanced and harmonious

Today, there are many methods that people believe can help correct a misaligned chin such as acupressure, massage. As for the massage method, many people still believe that it can help the chin as well as the face to become balanced, but this method almost does not bring the expected results. The massage is merely relaxing and comfortable facial muscles, it cannot treat this condition at all.

As for acupressure or acupuncture, it is also a traditional method of Eastern medicine. This method also works to treat deviated chin, helping the face to be more balanced and harmonious. However, this method can only correct muscle or joint misalignment.

So the article has provided the necessary information about how much money to correct a receding chin? where is safe? Hope that after reading this article you can take care of your health in the best way.




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