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loving gesture at Linh Son Pagoda's Shelter.

In the midst of a hustle and bustle of life, we come across a small but beautiful, warm, and loving gesture at Linh Son Pagoda's Shelter. On December 3, Dr. Thu Thuy and representatives of The East Rose Dental Clinic took special time to visit and share their feelings with more than 40 orphaned children living together under one home. To make this trip, the team took money from the "love bag" fund that everyone has supported recently.

Give and you will receive back

The journey "Bag of love goes to school with you" has come a long way, although it is not long, but it has been very successful thanks to the cooperation of kind hearts across the country. At the Shelter, each child is not only cared for physically but also nurtured consciously to create a harmonious living environment, like a big family. Joy and happiness are always present here, making the The Rose Dental team feel extremely warm and happy.

loving gesture at Linh Son Pagoda's Shelter.

Dr. Thuy and the dental team not only come as doctors, but also as a companion, someone who fully listens to each child's dreams and thoughts. This is not just a visit, but a journey full of love and sharing, where every little heart is once again warmed by human love.

How does the "Bag of Love" Fund work?

The "Bag of love to go to school with you" fund is still continuing to operate and is in dire need of generous help and contributions from everyone. You can contribute to the fund by buying a bag for only 50,000 VND, participating in fundraising activities, or donating support items such as books, school supplies and clothes for children. Or you can contact us directly with The East Rose Dental Clinic to learn about volunteer programs and how to participate.

Each bag carries love, kindness and hope. When you buy a bag, you not only make a small economic contribution to the project but also send a message of love. It is a message of sharing, concern and hope for a brighter future for disadvantaged children. We pledge that all these funds will be managed conscientiously and transparently. All proceeds will be declared clearly, with the heart of building the community. Every coin, no matter how big or small, has important meaning and will be used optimally to spread love and bring a bright future to the children.

From this meaningful and practical activity, the dental team has a better understanding of the children's circumstances, dreams and lives. Through that, we hope to create more community connection activities in the future, contributing to helping people facing many difficulties to build an increasingly better