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Overview of low chin surgery - an information guide for you

A receding chin makes the face look unbalanced, the perfect details on the face are thus disrupted, and the neck looks shorter. Chin surgery is one of the most popular methods of chin augmentation today, increasing aesthetics, bringing a more pleasant beauty to the face. Is chin surgery effective? What is the post-surgery care? This article will help you answer these questions.

Low chin surgery helps to improve the appearance

1. Is low chin surgery effective?

Surgery for people with a receding chin is a fairly simple surgical method to make the chin protrude fuller, making the V-line face and tilt angle more attractive. With this surgery, doctors will use a type of tissue filler to insert a small incision inside the mouth or under the chin. This implant will be measured and selected the right size for the face. The filler material is usually selected with high elasticity such as silicone or can also be cartilage on the body.

Low chin surgery is a simple and effective way to improve a receding chin.

In addition to the common chin implant method, there are also a number of methods to correct the receding chin that are introduced into the plastic surgery industry. Typically, autologous fat grafting helps to increase the size of the chin. Or chin implant surgery involves cutting and rotating the chin bone so that the bone protrudes, creating the length of the face.

Lower chin surgery usually takes about 30 to 60 minutes, which is a fairly gentle method. Therefore, the possibility of success is almost absolute and there are no symptoms.

2. What should be noted in the post-surgery care of the low chin?

After surgery to correct the receding chin, the result will be a higher chin, helping to slim the face. This surgical method does not take too much time, but after the surgery, it is also necessary to rest, have a suitable diet.

It is necessary to follow the doctor's instructions after surgery for the chin.

After 1 to 2 days of surgery, the doctor will use a compression bandage on the chin to reduce swelling and reshape the chin. These days, the wound begins to regenerate, the customer will feel the chin area slightly swollen compared to right after the surgery is completed and there is a feeling of pain. These symptoms are very normal and should go away 5 to 6 days after the surgery. Customers should rinse their mouth with a specialized mouthwash to clean the wound, remove bacteria, and avoid wound infection.

Always follow the doctor's instructions on the use of antibiotics, pain relievers, ... Customers should pay attention to avoid dust directly into the surgical area to minimize infection. Two months later, you should abstain from foods that cause itching and pus such as water spinach, beef, sticky rice, chicken,...

If there is any abnormality, consult your doctor to get the most detailed instructions. Limit strong collisions with other objects to avoid deformation of the chin after surgery.

3. Low chin surgery at the East Rose Dental Clinic

Although chin correction surgery is not complicated, choosing a reputable and qualified facility is very important. With professional operating facilities, it will immediately bring you the most satisfactory and harmonious chin.

The East Rose Dental Clinic owns spacious facilities, the most modern equipment and machinery. Besides, there is the presence of a team of experienced doctors, trained from the world's leading schools. With these strengths, the East Rose Dental is proud to be the most prestigious clinic today in the field of aesthetics dentistry.

The East Rose Dental Clinic has a team of experienced doctors.

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The above is the basic information that clearly shows whether the content of receding chin surgery is effective? How to take care of the wound after surgery to heal quickly. Be the wisest and most beautiful customer when coming to The East Rose Dental Clinic.


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